How to check if datatable is same as variable

Hey guys,

I would like to check if my datatable output is the same as my variable.
My datatable has a column with “x”- if a robot has any attachment.
My SQL query works fine and i recieve the robot with the “x”'s but I cant check if the robot is the same as my hardcoded variable.

E.g. i receive a datatable “0002” (type String) and check if its the same as my variable test from type String with value “0002”.

My current problem is, that my datatable string isnt the same as my “hard coded” variable.

Here is a overview of my process.


and here is my output:

I don’t get my mistake. Could you give me a little push in the right way?

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:




thanks, but this isnt working for me.
My solution is strDbAttachments.Contains(“0002”) :slight_smile:

But thank you for your help!

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