How To Check If Columns in a datatable is NOT Blank

Hi All,

how to check if column B onwards in the datatable is NOT blank using If ACTIVITY in a For each row.

I have 6 different columns that I want to check.

Can any on help on this ASAP?


What if only columns B,C,D,E are the ones I want to check?

You can make an or:

row.Item(“B”).ToString <> “” or row.Item(“C”).ToString <> “” or row.Item(“D”).ToString <> “” or row.Item(“E”).ToString <> “”

Thats it. True for rows with no blank cells. However if you wanna check them seperately you can make 4 'If’s.

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Do you mean to check all the data of the column is not blank?
If so, the following sample might help you. (13.5 KB)


It worked. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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