How to check if browser exists then open url in new tab else open browser with url



Check UiElements exists but not get , what should be use in Output Exists


CheckBrowser.xaml (6.6 KB)


Output exists will be a boolean variable.Place an if condition to verify the booean variable returns true or false


The solution provided by you is not correct. I have to check if browser already opened then open provided URL in new tab else open browser with provided URL.


I have provided a similar solution so that you can refer to it and modify accordingly.
Refer to this file for your solutionCheckBrowser.xaml (7.7 KB) @omkarpatel


Thanks @sreekanth i have modified it accordingly its working fine.


hey @sreekanth

What is the screenshot in element exists activity?


it’s the image of browser which you want to check,If it exists open tab else open new browser @Purvi