How to check if any unread email exists for specific mail id in Gsuite

I am using Gsuite application scope activity to get the unread emails from an particular sender and having specific Subject line.

For Eg: if the mail is from “” and having the subject line “Financial Data 2020-21”

Need to execute the further process else again retry the extraction.

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Have a view on this activity

Default value with searchexpression property is “ subject:Some Subject has:attachment”.

We can manipulate the same as you want

For video tutorial

Cheers @mayankjha986

@Palaniyappan Thanks for the reply, I need to retry Get mail message activity if no mails found during the excution.

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Yeah you can keep that activity inside a do while loop where in the loop condition mention as out_mailmessage.Count < 0

If you want to have a break after certain number of times use a counter as well
Like this

Inside the do while use a get mail activity then use a Assign activity like this

counter = counter + 1

Where counter is a int32 type variable with default value as 0 created in variable panel

Then in do while loop mention the condition as
our_mailmessage.Count < 0 and counter >3

Which means it will retry for three times if the count of mail is 0


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