How to check if any transaction item already exist in the queue


Can any one please help me while uploading transaction items to queue how can i check whether this transaction item is already present in the queue.

Anu suggestions??

The easiest way is to enforce a unique transaction reference when setting up your queue


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Hi ,

Use get items to get already available and check if the list contains.

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Thanks for the reply, Can you please explain what does this Unique reference exactly do? We also have Reference as a property in Add queue item , what does that do?

When you add an item to the queue you can add a reference which identifies this item.
Examples can be an order id, or maybe a mail id or whatever you have to identify this item, ideally a unique identifier. This totally depends on your queue items though.

If you then set your queue to unique reference, you’ll get an error when you try to add a queue item which reference already exists in the queue.

So if you take a look at your queue items, how can you know that an item is already in the queue? You probably see if property X of your item is the same. Use that as your reference.

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Thanks… That helped :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome.

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