How to check if any elemnt visible on page por not


I have scenario where i need to hover on attachment name and click on delete image to dlete.
if the attachment is on second page then i need to go to second page and need to delete and to apply same logic i am using elemnt exist but elemnt exist returing true for my expected selector on both pages
check below image


please let me know if any way

Hi @Mathkar_kunal

Use the Element exist activity and indicate the element.


You can use the Check app state activity.

Hope it helps!!


Double-check the selector you’re using for the “Element Exists” activity. Ensure that it accurately identifies the delete button associated with the attachment. You may need to adjust the selector to make it more specific, such as including unique attributes or properties that distinguish the attachment on the second page from others.

Hey @Mathkar_kunal ,

You can try using the ‘For Each UI Element’ Activity. This activity will help you iterate over all the attachment links and at the same time has the property to click on the next page. You can compare your selectors with the links the ‘For Each Ui Element’ activity captures


app state is showing visible even thoigh it is on second page
any modificatons i need to do in properties?

Hey @Mathkar_kunal are all the names of the links the same?. If so you can just identify if there is more than one page in the site and then select the last file in that page