How to check if a value is duplicate and if duplicate need to delete both line in Datatable

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I have a Datatable with few Line of Data, my aim is to check whether there is any Duplicate value and if there a duplicate line, i that Duplicate Value & i need to remove both lines that created duplicate.


my expected Output would be

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Let’s take like you have a datatable named dt

If you want to remove the duplicate rows then use the below expression in a assign activity like this

Dt = Dt.DefaultView.ToTable(TRUE,”Columnname-1”,”columnName-2”,….”ColumnName-n”)

Here TRUE will give us the unique records in the datatable

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hi @Palaniyappan ,

Thanks for the quick Response.

I have already tried the data view & its is giving only distinct fields in a selected column. But my use case is to find and remove the item completely which is creating the reason for duplicate.

have a look here when all cols are to check

in case of duplicates are detected on 1 or only few cols then we can identify the duplicates with the help of a group by

Hi @harshavardhan3457

Please find the below attached xaml file.

Remove_Duplicate_Row.xaml (10.0 KB)

Try this and let me know whether it meet’s your expectation.

Feel free to reach us at any time if you have doubts.


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