How to check if a value is already present as the reference of any of the existing queue item in orchestrator?

I have 500+ queue items in my orchestrator queue with unique Employee ID as reference. I am going to add 100 more queue items. But before adding, I want to check if the particular employee ID is already present in any of the existing queue item’s reference.
Please suggest the best and easy approach without using orchestrator API. Thanks.

Hi @Harsha_Vemula

You can use the enforce unique references when creating the queue


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But I cant use that, because my requirement is if the existing queue items are added yesterday i can add directly add the duplicates also.
Here we will run our process 4 times a day, so we only need to make sure the queue item is not duplicate on the same day.

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Hi @Harsha_Vemula try to pass a date stamp in the queue as a reference with employee Id (append)

Once your are passing Datestamp as well with emp I’d as reference, enforce unique reference property…that would solve ur issue


Thanks nikhil. This will help.

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