How to check if a string in a word is in an excel table

Hy guys,
I have this word file:
and I have this excel file:
I have to check if the words are in the paricular words in the excel file are also in the word file. If the paritucular word is the same than I have to cahnge it.
So far I managed to open the word file and I could store the text as a string in the variable var_out_text and I managed to store the excel file as a string in the variable var_out_table.
Now I have added an if condition and I don`t know how the condition should look like. I tried like this:
But the condition is always false.
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

  1. Read excel to e dictionary (there are activities for that
  2. Parse the word file line by line. Check each work if it exits inside the dictionary like
    keyWords.Keys.Contains(“Apple”) --> then replace with the Value from that dictionary entry

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