How to check if a robot Lic. activation is successful

I have tried to activate Attended Robot on client PC.
We don’t have orchestrator so I did activation through command line.
the result is as below:

  1. Has the activation process been completed ?
    2.Is there anyway we can check if the device ID somewhere else to confim that the robot is actually licensed on the said device?


Have you installed Uipath Studio also in this machine or just installed Robot only?

Hi Iakshman,

Just Robot Sir.

Hi @supakiat_pattichart

Based on the get-info output, it appears that you’ve successfully licensed the robot :slight_smile:


Hi @supakiat_pattichart!

From what I know, if the License code matches the one that you have been provided, and the License Status is “1”, it means that it has been activated correctly.

Alternatively, you can try to test run a process. An unactivated robot will not run. It will display a message “To execute processes, please activate a license”

But from the screenshot provided, it seems like it has been activated successfully :slight_smile:

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Thank you all, I just wonder how do we check “device ID”

Hi @supakiat_pattichart,

The device ID is already in the output of the regutil, when you check for the activation of the license.
I do not think that there are other locations to check device ID to confirm if robot is on the said device, unless you contact UiPath support for that.

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