How to check if a nested JSON element exists

Hi all,
I have a deserialized a string to JObject variable jObjTest.

  "name": "AMSFC",
  "description": "AMSFC",
  "main": "Main.xaml",
  "dependencies": {
    "Heron.CustomActivities": "",
    "Microsoft.Activities": "",
    "Microsoft.Activities.Extensions": "",
    "UiPath.Core.Activities": "18.1.6603.13899",
    "UiPath.Credentials.Activities": "1.1.6479.13204",
    "UiPath.Excel.Activities": "2.3.6682.26635",
    "UiPath.Framework.Activities": "1.0.5905.30080",
    "UiPath.Mail.Activities": "1.1.6562.21018",
    "UiPath.WebAPI.Activities": "1.1.6479.13209"
  "excludedData": [
  "toolVersion": "",
  "projectVersion": "1.0.6835.23188",
  "packOptions": {},
  "runtimeOptions": {}

Now I have to put a check before assigning. ISNOtHING(jObjTest(“dependencies”)(“Microsoft.Activities”)) works but

ISNOtHING(jObjTest(“dependenciesTest”)(“Microsoft.ActivitiesTest”)) gives Object reference errror because dependenciesTest itself doesn’t exist. Any ideas on how to make this work?

@ovi @Vlad