How to Check IF a Data Base Query End -Dynamically-?

Hi Guys,

It’s been a while since my last post.

Here’s the context: I have a ‘Execute Query’ activity where the Data Table (the results) could be 50K+ rows so, I was trying to know dynamically when the activity is finished.

The issue so far is that while the activity is been executed it goes into some type of ‘frozen’ or ‘hung up’ state (Studio thing) because of the number or rows bringing in are too many which unfortunately makes a ‘Parallel’ activity non suitable for it.

Any thoughts on how to make any type of loop to ck the status of the Query or even if there is a row inside the Data Table output every certain amount of seconds or minutes?

PS, not trying to minimize Studio sine it’s great but the activity itself stays like frozen (until finished) and this is a Studio thing which makes this inquiry a challenge.