How to check dup rows (excel)?

I have 2 sheet (sheet input , sheet config)
data2.xlsx (18.9 KB)

I want to check dup , If found same name & Type if found more 1 & check amount in same name keep most value , Other than that same name write text dup in column6.

Sheet Input

Sheet Config

I filter column type by check in sheet config , by filter type that found in row4 only and write text in column7 = found.

Please guide me about it.

I don’t delete but I want flag in column and check type.

Can anyone recommend me about it ?

Can you please elaborate

@rajanrao1 I have 2 sheet (sheet input , sheet config)
data2.xlsx (18.9 KB)

sheet input

Sheet Config (Check Type)

File Config : For refer column file input
config file.xlsx (8.7 KB)


Step1 :I want to check dup

  1. Same name
  2. Same type

From above picture found 2 row dup

  1. row 2 & 4

Step2 : I will compare column Amount by keep most almost
row2 amount = 600
row4 amount = 1000
(I will keep maximum value , other write text in column6 (stamp) = dup
*sometimes can found row dup more2 file, It write dup every rows in that series except maximum value in series)

  • series : mean same name , same type

Step3 : I will check type in sheet config (in row4)

  1. If found in sheet config write text found in column number7 = Found

Sorry my English is not fluent.

Please guide me for solve it.