How to check double value in the table?

Hello everybody,
I would need help figuring out how to check two values, row by row, and then determine one or another event.

In my table, there are two columns on which I need to check volumes.
Column: Original File
Column: Percentage.


If inside the table, the original file is> 100
and on the same line, the percentage is> 30, then I check (xx) Otherwise, (yy).

The problem is that the value must refer to the whole table, that is, it is enough just for a row of the whole table to exceed this threshold, then xx, otherwise yy.

I tried to check a For Each Row loop, but obviously, when I pass over the line, the variable sets itself to xx,
while when I pass on the last one, yy is set.

It must remain xx, because if even one value is over the threshold, an alarm must be activated.

:expressionless: thanks…

Hi Aaron I would like to help you, but I don’t understand very well could you give another example

Yes, I realized that I made a little confusion.
I explain better and more briefly.

I explain activities:
the bot collects some data from other environments and compiles this table.

At the end of the flow, the bot must send a Report via email.
The subject of this mail varies in two possibilities:
A: ALARM Report xxx
B: No Alarm Repor xxx

the element that determines this variable is linked to the collected values.
If even only one “Survey ID” (colonna 1) in the table,
has Original_File > 100 and Percentage > 30 then Set variable on ALARM.
Else, variable set No Alarm.

As I said, by setting a loop for each row,
the first line of the first image, set the variable on ALARM, while the last one, would put it back on no alarm.

Since the table still contains an out-of-range value, I need it to stay on Alarm.

Hi @AaronMark

When Alam value is detected then you can break out of loop.

uhm… like this?

@AaronMark it working for you?

Hi Kumar…
sorry for my delay … It Works!! :slight_smile:

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