How to check date



Hi, How i can check date
i want to check date when my user input date i want the robot check a date not a

Input Date

Input date
“Date (dd/mm/yyyy Ex.19/10/2018)”
“Please input date”


Hi @pumraksa,

You can use regex pattern to match the date.
Matches activity



Use Is Match activity with

  • Input -> The input from user
  • pattern -> “d+/d+/d+”
  • Output -> Boolean value denoting the input matches the pattern or not


@pumraksa Check attached file meets your requriement

Main.xaml (8.6 KB)


Thank everyone now i can do :grinning:


it check date but if i key 22/22/2018
my month is more 12 and it true


@pumraksa use regex pattern as shown in below screen shot


thank so much