How to check condition on attach browser or Attach window?


I’m trying to emulate user from back end and the link opening in new window and if user failed login to account I’m checking elements exists or not but when user is successfully login here window title is changing element exists not able read the element due to window change

  1. If user failed - window appears with login form (window title is login.xyzzz)
  2. if successfully loged in it will show account summary (window title is abcc)

know I want to check error window if failed message box as failed to login but some users are successfully logging at the time execution stopping because fail window and login window are different

Please help me with above scenario.!! thanks in advance.!!

Put Element exists for failed login in Trycatch, in cath block check for successful login case. you can also create switch cases for steps afterwards. Something like as shown below :slight_smile: