How to Check Checkbox if it is in Dropdownlist?

Hi Everyone,

1.In servicesub Type it is dropdown check list. the dropdown content depends on “ServiceType”
2.that time we get different content.
---->if ServiceType In-Patient
the dropdown check box is 1.Day Care 2. Hospitalization 3.Home Treatment 4.Ante/Post Natal
----->if ServiceType Out-Patient
The dropdown checkbox is 1.Other OP 2.Eye 3.Dental 4.Helth Check Up 5…Ante/Post Natal like that data will come from excel.

How can i click that check boxes…

Anyone Help me…

Thanks in advance

is that drop box taking type into activity like if we type the term Day Care is it going to that option in drop down
if so we can use Type into activity followed by click activity on each dropdown check box
we can use select item activity where we can click on the drop down and mention the option as a string that we need to choose from the drop down box

hope this would help you
Cheers @krishnareddy

Hi @Palaniyappan Thanks for the Response…
It is not taking Type Into and Select Item as well…

Hi @krishnareddy

Do A Click Activity and then use another click activity

Ashwin S