How to check checkbox based on other value on webpage

Hello Guys

i got a problem here.
Below are my table on webpage which checkbox already checked.
Can anyone here help me to untick the checkbox if the document type is EWB.

I attached part of my script: forTesting.xaml (16.1 KB)

FYI, it works if only 1 EWB exist on the table.

Hi @wakdafak, can you share the url of the screenshot? I would like to make a .xaml to solve it

Thanks :grinning:

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Dear @lolorz90. Thanks for the help.
Unfortunately i can’t share the URL as it is company security.

oh ok! :slight_smile:

Can you identify the first column of the table ? (just at the left of “Loaded”) I guess you cant because is EWB… Maybe you can’t recognize it but, you can try to click the “Loaded” text and then, send a left hotkey to move to the first column and then send an enter hotkey. I don’t know if it will work but you can try.

For that reason I asked you the url ^^… I would like to try it myself :slight_smile:

Please share your results! Thanks

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I guess @lolorz90 is right. Try to move between the cells using hotkeys or image recognition activities.

Regards :mage:

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Hey @Pablo_Sanchez @lolorz90

Thanks for the help guys.
Unfortunately, i am not able to use hotkeys or image recognition.

What i did was, extract the data in the table using scrap data, put it in data table, loop every line to get the row number, and assign click activity to click the check box.


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That’s nice @wakdafak

Regards! :mage: