How To Check Basic Server Configuration Settings For Automation Suite?

How to check basic server configuration settings for Automation Suite?


  1. Server crashes
  2. Multiple pods/services are failing
  3. Sslowness in kubectl

Resolution Steps:

  1. Run the diagnostic logs using the steps mentioned in document Using The Automation Suite Diagnostics Tool Troubleshooting
  2. Run the attached custom script
  3. If there is something not configured correctly, run the script
  4. Run iostate command on the server and if there are any disk performance issues, follow the steps given in Slow etcd performance (performance testing and optimization)

If everything looks good, collect the support bundle, Rancher logs and create a case with the UiPath support team.

Support bundle - Using The Automation Suite Diagnostics Tool Troubleshooting

Rancher logs - How to collect and share Rancher logs with Support?

Note: To run these, root permission is required as well as there may be an environmental conflict. The Organization's infrastructure team should look into the same to ensure the validation and implementation of these.