How To Check Base Model Name That Was Originally Chosen In AI Center?

How to check the base model name that was originally chosen in AI Center?

Issue Description:

For AI Center version 2022.10 and earlier, after an OOB model is chosen, the base name is no longer visible after the model is uploaded. This can make it difficult to determine the source package that was originally chosen.

For example, in AI Center, if ML Packages -> OOB -> UiPath Document Understanding -> PurchaseOrderPreview was originally chosen, after the package is given a unique name "POCProject", there is no indication of what the original package source was.


To determine what model was originally chosen:

  1. In AI Center, click on ML Packages
  2. At the bottom of the page click on the desired package from the list
  3. Click Upload new version.
  1. The page that loads will lead to the the source package.

In the example given for the POCProject ML package above, it is unclear what source package was originally chosen. After clicking on Upload new version, the page is directed to the source package version and it is clear that the ML Packages -> Out of the box Packages -> UiPath Document Understanding -> PurchaseOrdersPreview package was originally chosen.

Note: It is not required to upload a new version. The purpose of clicking Upload new version, is to see what original source package was used.