How to check application api access in Init Block of RE Framework

Hi team ,

Wanted some guidance on how to check if uipath is able to successfully establish an api connection to the application in the Init Block of RE Framework. Currently I have some endpoints for GET , POST and Bearer token requests.

I want to do the api check in Init block so that there wont be a lot of system exception mails generated in the process block for all the queue items.

2 solutions which I have in mind is

  1. Do a bearer token api check in Init block and if a bearer token is generated - we can say we have established a connection - If a bearer token is generated , does it mean we can access other GET custom report endpoints and POST call endpoints
  2. Do a random API Get Call with a certain common supplier number and validate based on its response.
  3. We cannot do a Post API call here since it would generate a request - so this is not valid

Please suggest.


Hey @gokul1904,

Have a look on this article this might can solve your issue.
API Integration in UiPath | Community Blog.