How to check any Excel file is opened by another user in shared path?

How to check Excel file is opened by another user in shred path without opened excel file,
if it is open want to get file name
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Check below post for your reference

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This thread has a similar scenario and a solution as well

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did not find correct solution, can you help with other solution?

Put Excel Application Scope inside a Try/Catch. If it fails, you can check the error message to see if it’s locked.

Can I get any example

Hi @anishakotian400

Use Try catch and make the exception in catch as IO exception!

If the file is open, then it will throw the IOException and will move into your catch block and perform any you put there. If it is not open, it will simply move onto the next activity outside of your try-catch block!

Please refer to the xaml below! @anishakotian400

Main.xaml (9.3 KB)