How to check and enter a given value from excel into an empty cell in SAP table?

Hi there,
Currently I am developing a sequence that reads input data from excel sheet and then to enter them into empty cell in the SAP table. I don’t know how to check for empty row/cell in the table (that has a few records) and enter the given value below them or after them. Can anyone suggests?


Hi @quan9784

Please indicate the first row of any column using uiexplorer and show what selectors are coming…

HI @quan9784


and choose and option: First Empty Row and we will do all calculation for you :slight_smile:


Best regards, Lev

ok, easiest way is, add what you want to put there into the list, then use set to clipboard activity and paste this: string.Join(environment.newline,YourListVAR)

and paste it into the first row :slight_smile: it will send it directly from clipboard into a table.

To convert the column into a list user assign:
(From row in YourDT.AsEnumerable() Select Convert.Tostring(row(“ColumnName”))) .ToList()