How to check a web table for status on changing data set

I am trying to check whether or not a process has finished or is still running in my web application. It is in a table and the data set changes each time from Processing to Done. If the report is still processing I don’t want to generate a report for it, I want to keep refreshing the screen until all reports are done and then generate the reports for all. I have tried extracting a data table and writing it to a csv to look for “processing” and if found to continue to refresh and write the csv file until it comes back with “done” but it is not working like I thought. I have searched the forum but I am not finding how to do this.

Here is a copy of the datatable.Status.pdf (41.7 KB)

Here is a copy of my workflow so far. Workflow.pdf (61.6 KB)

I was able to make it work with Output Data Table activity.

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