How to check a number in string is between 10 to 20 or 20 to 30


I have extracted a date from a pdf file. I need to check the date belongs on which week in a month. If it belongs to first week, I need to move that PDF file to folder 1. If the date belongs to 2nd week, I need to move that PDF file to folder 2 etc. I have used IS Match activity with [1-9] pattern. But it is moving all files in folder 1. How can I check the date is in between 20-31. Can anyone help me on this please?

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if possible may i know the date format of the extracted date from pdf file
if its like “ddMMyyyy”
Then in a if condition like this
Convert.ToInt32(in_date.ToString.SubString(0,2)) >10 and Convert.ToInt32(in_date.ToString.SubString(0,2)) < 20

this will validate between 10 to 20 and if its true it will go to then part where we ccan have the move file activity to move the file to the folder we want
Cheers @renjutom