How to check a full column of cell if there is content and for each the each row to another column

I want to try to check if example
Excel.Sheet(“Sheet1”).Cell(“D2”) to maybe Excel.Sheet(“Sheet1”).Cell(“D1000”) or end of the line
if there is discount written in it I want Excel.Sheet(“Sheet1”).Cell(“F2:F1000”) to say there is discount or Excel.Sheet(“Sheet1”).Cell(“G2:G1000”) There is no discount

how do I do that?


Hi @Hayashi

Please check the below workflow

Don't forget to change the option in For Each Excel Row in properties panel from Stop to Process.

Xaml for your reference:
Main.xaml (19.1 KB)

You can use the below workflow if you want to handle with data table’s

Xaml for your reference:
Main.xaml (26.2 KB)


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Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(CurrentRow("Discount").ToString)or Not String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(CurrentRow("Discount").ToString) or CurrentRow("Discount").ToString.Contains ("Off")

Hope it works


If My Process works for you please mark it as Solution

Thank you

Thank you actually both method works.

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