How to check 3 coloums in 3 datatables

i have 3 data tables with same column call “code”
need to extract and write to a new dt
if that column “code” data similar at least common 3 out of 2 datatables
any ideas

Hi @Tharusha_Fernando can u show the input and output format u need so that we can help

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hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR plz find the excel sheet below
dt1.xlsx (8.8 KB) dt2.xlsx (8.8 KB) dt3.xlsx (8.5 KB) FInalbook.xlsx (9.2 KB)

@Tharusha_Fernando - Is this the same you explained in the below post?

yes @prasath17 it is

i found that we can use join data tables in this
and use inner to and equal to match columns and it worked

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