How to charge for a RPA freelance project for a company?

Hi guys, I want to know how can I get at a fair price to sell my services for a company. They want me to build a robot of medium complexity according to the Business Analyst course from Academy. What is the average price for a robot that would take about two weeks to be done? These values are global or it should be cheaper according to the country I’m living in?
That will be my first job as a freelancer…
Thanks for the help…

It’s very difficult because it’s a money-related problem (depending on country).
In Korea, software labor costs are standard.
There is an approximate guideline for each software experience per 1M/M.
The RPA market was initially expensive, but nowadays the supply is increasing, so it is not much different.

If it were a general company-to-company contract, it would have been recommended to calculate by task.
However, since you are a freelancer, I think it would be better for you to calculate M/M