How to change VDI attended bot design to unattended one?

In my previous project, I changed the attended bot to unattended one and deployed the code in orchestrator and run the bot via orchestrator on remote server machine.(there is no Login scenario for the bot in the machine)
There is another UI project with attended bot in VDI, that perform UI automation on a website(No specific app).
I want to change it to run as unattended bot in VDI.
Is it possible to run bot via orchestrator in VDI?
If yes should the bot login to VDI first and then do the automation?
or It can be done other ways?
If the bot is unattended is it still required to be run via VDI (its simply UI website automation)?
What is the best design in this case?

Many thanks

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Hey @afsaneh_keivani

If it’s an automation which doesn’t require human intervention then yes It can be an Un-Attended bot.

Logging into VDI is something bit automatically takes care, you need to create a robot in the orchestrator with the same user profile details like VDI username and PWD.

That’s it.

Hope that helps.


Hi Nithin,
Thanks for reply.
What do you mean by “Logging into VDI is something bit automatically takes care”?
Does it happening when we allocate machine to orchestrator?
VDI machine is like regulars machine?

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When you allocate a machine & add a robot user you provide username and password for that robot.

When you trigger the automation by selecting the machine and robot - It logs in to the machine by itself by providing the above username and password.


Thanks Nithin.

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Cool buddy :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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