How to change Transaction Item Status directly from 'New' to 'Failed'?


I have a problem in an automation where when a transaction item fails due to an application exception, I need to set the status of this transaction to ‘Failed’ and also all other transaction items with ‘New’ status to ‘Failed’. Does anyone know how I can change a transaction item’s status directly from ‘New’ to ‘Failed’?

we can change the status by using the Activity

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in such cases a look to the Orchestrator REST API is also recomended

I have already tried this, but with Set Transaction Status Activity I can’t change the status of the queue item directly from ‘New’ to ‘Failed’.

Lets be more specific on our answers

  • Set Transaction Status

was intended to get used by: new->In Progress->Failed

From the Docu:

we can refer the direct reachable states and failed is not reached directly from new

So, when the New-In Progress-Failed path is conflicting with your use case, then let us know more specifics from the requirement

In one case handled a requirement by setting it from new->deleted (as it changes the status, but is not remove it from the queue)

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@Leonardo_Andrade, this is because you cannot directly change the status of queue item from New to Failed using Set transaction status activity, this is by design. You will have to use Add transaction item activity, but it will mark the transaction status as In Progress and you will be set status of that item as Failed.
Hope this helps.