How to change the work sheet name in excel

Ho to change the worksheet name based on a Variable.

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here you go with a sample xaml
Rename Worksheet.xaml (8.3 KB)

Cheers @Benjamin.Glarance

we have rename sheet activity available to do that @Benjamin.Glarance

Thanks Hareesh. I have checked but not able to find that activity.
Capture_1 Capture_2

I have attached the screen shot.
I am currently using Ver 2019.8.0

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Hi Hareesh,
Just downloaded excel additional package and able to see that activity.


Kindly have a view in this thread
@balupad14 has a custom activity on it
Hope that would help you

Cheers @Benjamin.Glarance

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You need to install the below package to get all the sheets in the excel or rename sheet and many more


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