How to change the UIFraamework type from Default to UI Automation


Is anyone aware of how to change the UIFramework type from Default to UI Automation under UI Explorer permanently?

Thanks in Advance!

@PavithraSundaram While Indicating the Element, you can Click on F4 to Shift Frameworks. Also You can go to UiExplorer, Select the Framework needed from the UI Frameworks Option.

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Thank you for the response! I am using the second way now! i am changing it for every activity. Is there a way that I can select UIAutomation until I complete my process?


@PavithraSundaram No, I don’t think that is possible :sweat_smile: . But Default is Chosen at the Beginning because it is applicable for most of the cases involved. Hence UiPath has kept it in this way. You can suggest the UiPath Team to keep the Framework as required by the user in the User Voice Section. I guess it is a Good Idea and might be included in the future Updates.

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Thank you for helping out! @supermanPunch :slight_smile:

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