How to change the name on my uipath certificate?

Hi, how can I change the name on my Uipath certificate?
Thank you.Captura

Hi @BrayanGarc

Feel free to contact aour Academy Support to resolve your issue.

Hi…i need to change my certificate name…? I have completed level-1 foundation training 2018.3…i need to change my certificate name to Kanmani V… Can u help me with this…?

Hi @Kanmani

Academy Support will help you resolve your issue :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror,

I’ve completed Level-1 foundation training 2018.3 need to change my certification name into “Eswari Muralidhar”
Please help me with this.

Thank You,
Eswari Muralidhar

Actually, I believe you can now edit those details yourself directly on the certification platform :slight_smile:

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