How to change the format in exel plz

how to change the format in exel plz

the cell,

For ex : Change the color / policy / Extend the cell / add filter…


You can check this macro for changing the format and color of the cell

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thank you but i don’t know how to do that (Macro…)

Hai @Soudios … Use Set range color activity to change the color of the cell…


Refer this
This may help u for add filter

1 Like this one, this may help u to get the information about macros.

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there is not an other way without macro ?

hi @Soudios you can done this with in both VBA and BalaReva.Excel.Activities… for more info about it go through the b’low link,

hpy learning…

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ok i used invoke vba, but

The macro is outside of the Excel file

I need something like that : (Fichier1 = ExtractDatatable)