How to change the font size of text inorder to send the mail with highlighted text so that it can be easily identified?

Hi all,
when we get exceptions in a process we need to send mail with the exception occurred.I need to highlight the subject text by increasing the font in the mail so that the exception can be easily identified
in the inbox.Need help on this.

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Hi @sreekanth,

Send html format
Build as html format pass it as a sting

IsBodyHtml check in the property

IsBodyHtml - Specifies whether the body of the message is written in HTML format.


This isn't possible with Subject. Even manually when you try to increase the font size it will be disabled.

The variations can be shown in the Body with IsBodyHtml property checked.

Dom :slight_smile:

Thank you for the prompt response @Dominic

Thanks @arivu96 but I wanted to highlight subject so that it can be easily identified when you have bulk emails