How to change the font in the Code Editor and in Expression Editor

When typing multi-line code into the code editor or expression editor, e.g. for the activity “Invoke Code” or when assigning a value to a variable, I want to nicely format my code with indention and alike. For this, I would prefer having a non-proportional font (a fixed width) font like Courier or so.

Is it possible, to change the font that is used for displaying code in the expression / code editor? I don’t want to change the font for the entire UiPath Studio application, only for the display of code fragments.

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Hi C.Rahn

I think at the moment there is no such possibility.

In the past there was similar topic , but it was also problematic.

How to Change Font Size in Studio? - Help - UiPath Community Forum

Hi Mateusz,

thank you for your reply in the first place.

Unfortunately, neither your guessing “I think at …” nor the link to another topic, although related, do really solve my desire for a professional display of program code (fragments).

As I learned so far, most of the editor components that are used in Studio are in fact standard components from the Microsoft WWF (Windows Workflow Foundation) itself.

For the case that changing the font solely in the code / expression editor is currently impossible, may be this would be a candidate for a new feature request towards UiPath?

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