How to change the design of library activity in UiPath


I have created library activity for myself, everything is published and ready to use. The only thing which i would like to change in my project is the whole design.
Do you know how can i achieve it? How to add drop down list, some fields where i can type in some information and so on to my library activity…
So to sum up, “background” of this activity should stay as it is right now, i would like to just change whole design of this activity(add some fields etc.).


Hello @Mateusz_Koper,

just to be certain you are talking about custom activity?

Have you used Visual Studio Extension to create a activity?


To change any info in your library, you just open it up with studio, make any changes you want, save the file, and re-publish to orchestrator. Then in your other projects that are utilizing the library you have to choose which version of the library you wish to use