How to change the default admin username for host and the Default tenant

When Orchestrator is installed it comes with the default username for host and the Default tenant which is “admin”.

Is there a way to change this “admin” username to something else.

The client we are working for does not allow using the default names due to security concerns.

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Hi @sam_arc
Actually if I say the truth, yes its posible by changing it via DB user table

But remember we are not recommended to doing it for any reason because ite main user created by default to manage admin layer.

So what do you do then…

This this the way you can handle. If your organization not allowing such name , just keep that user for emagancy use ( no one will use this user and you can put admin user credentials in your safe place liken organization safe)

And if your are using good ISO practices yes thats same you have to have it on your safe.


Create another users as you want in orchestrator with any one and assign administrator role permission to accordingly. So that user can work as same as admin user.

So you can keep your admin user as idel (no one need to use it)
But remember some sort of senarios its required admin user for function of admin so if its required you can use admin user , if not keep it as same but no need to use

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Thanks for the detailed explanation!

Surely, at the tenant level we can create another administrator and use it instead of the default “admin”.

However, at the host level there is no option to replace the default “admin”

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Hi @sam_arc
You cannot Delete or Disable “admin” login for any reason.

For your information i will let you know something But not recommended to doing this

Form Orchestrator DB ==> Users Table
There is a field as “Is Active” , if you set it in to “0” your admin user will be set off for disable by back end

But im repeating not recommended to doing this in production environment. Best way is keep it as it is by not using.

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Thanks for the information.

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you are always welcome :+1: :+1: