How to change the date formats

It seems you have a space Replace with this:

{"MMM' yyyy","MMM' yy","MM/dd/yyyy","MM/dd/yy","dd.MM.yyyy","dd.MM.yy","dd MM yyyy","MMMyyyy","MMMyy","MMMM yy","MMMM yyyy","dd MMM yyyy","dd MMM yy"}


try this in arr variable

{"dd.MM.yyyy","MMMM yyyy","MMM yyyy","dd MMMM yyyy","MMMyyyy","MMM’yyyy","MMM’ yyyy"}

same error i got, I have kept spaces also


out put :

How did you change the format?

the is with this date having the Jan’ 2023 this one { ’ } or { ’ } after the jan so thats why its showing the not valid as date format

i have removed that one so its working and i have seen this two variations in the input { ’ } or { ’ } i have replaced

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