How to change the database name and login credentials used in connect database activity without changing in uipath studio

Here I have used database connect activity to connect to a database. I just used a sample database in this project. Now when I need to deploy my project I need to change the database without changing it in uipath studio. Is there any other way to change database name and its credentials…Like in any file or anything like that…

@rifnanahas Do you want to use different connection String everytime?

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  1. Set the connectionstring in an excel or text file, read it, and pass it as variable on the connection string property or
  2. Use ODBC Data sources (it is installed in windows by default)
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can you explain it with some example

yes. please explain it deeply because I’m new to Uipath

check assets/configurations values are are added to the database activity and update those respective assets/configurations with new values.

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@rifnanahas Like @Emman_Pelayo said i would use a text File or an Excel File :sweat_smile: , and Normally if we have an RE Framework project involved, we keep the Connection String in the Config Excel, Hence Each Time the Environement is changed, we just need to Change the Value in Excel or in Text, and no need to make any changes in Workflow.

can you please provide a sample text or excel file

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