How to change TFS user account?

I am unable to change the TFS user in UiPath studio. How to logout the TFS account?

Hi @aanandsanraj,
You don’t neet to log out. Just click “open from tfs” in team tab and then click Servers... and add another server. It will ask you for data and then next time you will click “open from tfs” you will have more that one server to choose your projects from :wink:

Hi @Pablito,

How can I login to the TFS with the existing server? Already another user is logged in that TFS. Even I deleted that server and tried but no luck.

You can add the same server once again and it should ask you for new credentials. Then you can just pass data related to another user.

Not able to add the same server again

Sorry for my mistake. I’ve double checked this. There are two ways:

  1. Change user for existing server:
    Choose you existing server and you will have option at the bottom (change user)

  2. Remove existing server to be able to add it again with different user:

There is no switch user option in UiPath version 2018.4.5

I removed existing server and tried no luck that is not working.

Please make sure you have removed credentials from Windows Credential manager as well.

I already tried this but no credential stored in the Windows credential manager. Curious to know how it is login automatically.

I checked the situation and it looks that the authentication is handled by the TFS server, not by Studio (that is why the authentication is present in the TFS prompts) - most probably, the server is configured to use the Microsoft account, therefore everytime when you add the server, it points to the Microsoft credentials (and does not offer the possibility of changing credentials). I’m know sure what are the possibilities TFS server have in relation to this.

Thank you @Pablito I will check the TFS server

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