How to change registered a mail address at UiPath account site?

Hi friends!
I have a community edition licence.This month, our company’s domain name has changed.So my mail address that registered at UiPath account site has also changed. I want to change the registered mail address at UiPath account site.How can i change it? Someone suggest me!

Please UiPath Staff, about the issue suggest me!

I tried to follow the steps below.Please comment if there is a better way.
1.Get a UiPath account with a new email address.
2.Set up the new service like the old service’s specification.
Using Assets, using role, using developed packages etc.
3.Disconnect robots on our PC and remove robot and machine on our old service.
4.On our new service, i set up a machine ,a robot, a group and on our PC i connect to new service.
5.I set up some processes and some triggers for our business automation processes.
6.I test our new service for a few days and check that Is there a setting mistake.
7.I invite our persons in charge to our new service.
8.Finally i delete our old service.

Based on the response it is not currently possible to change the email address.

Rather then making a whole new organization and service instance, etc. Why not just invite the new email as a new user to save having to recreate everything?

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Thanks for replay @codemonkee.
Initially, I wanted to use the invite feature to replace all users.

Owner can use the invite feature to add, change, or delete administrators and users for specific role.
However, owner is not provided with the ability to change own email address.

So we gave up the invite method.