How to change Queue reference?

I tried this one but it didn’t work.

Actually nothing is changed. Idk why :thinking:


Hi @170290064

Can you please elaborate what will be stored in in_strCategory and in_strBrand.


I’m assigning them in the initialization.


What was the data that being stored in that?

try printing the data through a message box to check whether the data was passed into xaml or not



If you reading your data from excel read the data and store it an datatble. Run For each Row in Datatble and Use Add Queue Item activity and add necessary conditions. Under Reference sectionin your case try using below code:

in_strCatergory.toString+" - "+in_strBrand.toString

Hope it might help!!


Here is my data table!

How to get categories and brands as reference :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Try printing your datatable and using the above given syntax. check whether the reference has been added correctly.

Hi @170290064

Give like this

Category= CurrentRow(“Category”). Tostring
Brand=CurrentRow(“Brand”). Tostring

Pass this variable


1.Use for each row in data table and pass the data table variable and assign the data to variables with in the for each row in data table.

str_Category= CurrentRow(“Category”). ToString
str_Brand=CurrentRow(“Brand”). ToString

2.Within for each row in data table use the activities that you used for send the data to queue.


Hi @170290064 ,

Could you also check if you are using the correct Queue Name or the Folder Name in the Add Queue Item activity ?


Looks like you are adding items to one queue and checking in a different queue…as your reference does not even contain a hyphen…

So can you please first check those details and check the correct queue…because even if values are not passed you should atleast see a hyphen(-) in your reference

Hope this helps


Done :white_check_mark:

I’m still at the basic level. :robot:

Thanks for answers. I appreciate you all.



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