How to change physical path of Orchestrator site post installation

Change directory (OR) Change drive of Orchestrator installation from predefined to required post installation

  1. Open IIS [inetmgr in search]
  2. Go to Sites in the left menu

3. Select the Orchestrator website & on the extreme right menu, click on ‘Basic Settings

4. Navigate to the folder mentioned in the Physical path from file explorer (or) right click on Orchestrator site on the left menu and select Explore

5. In the file, explorer move one level up to parent folder and ‘Cut/Copy’ the folder as desired
6. Paste the folder in the required directory or drive
7. Navigate to ‘Basic Settings’ as explained in step 3
8. Click on the browse option provided against Physical path -> change the physical path to the directory/drive where the files were copied in step 6

9. Restart the IIS and browse the Orchestrator website

Changing the default path in 'Registry Editor'

  1. Open Registry Editor [regedit from search]

2. Navigate to ‘Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\UiPath\UiPath Orchestrator’
3. Change the highlighted key in above snippet to point to new directory/drive