How to change Orchestrator password?

How to change Orchestrator password? (Community Edition)
I am the account owner and i want to change the password
but i can’t find it in ‘Account Settings’.

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Hi @KevTheReal

Login to the orchestrator cloud platform. Then navigate to the Users page in the main console. There you have the option to change and mange the users who has access to your Orchestrator services.

Thanks for the reply.
It seems that there is no such options for me to change my own password.
How should i do?


Oops… I just checked and I also don’t have it. It used to be somewhere there if I’m not mistaken… I checked in the Orchestrator as well and there is no option to change the password. hmmm… that’s pretty weird…

Well, that option not being available, I guess the only option would be to use the Forgot password option in the login page…

I wonder what happened to it :thinking: