How to change information in particular application that looks like a table but actually not

For each row,If the item[Qty to issue] is not match the item[ component],I will correct it. But Uipath can‘t identify it by Data scraping or Screen Scraping.I can’t move the cursor to the position I want to modify.,and also can’t compare two item whether it is matched.Is there any way to do it.I need help.Thank you.

Hi @LeoGao,
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Activities mentioned by you are only applied to the Excel or Worksheet scope. If this is table in some program as we see in your example the only way to provide data is to use some ‘Click’ activities to navigate to particular cell and then Type Into activity to write something there.

I you haven’t done it already please go to our Academy where you can find “LVL1 - Foundation Training”. You may find there some lessons about providing data to external applications. This should help you better understand this case.

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