How to change excel file name from "EXPORT" to "Daily Report - today's date"

I have excel file download to “EXPORT.xlsx”, i want to change that to "Daily Report - "“dd/mm/yyyy”).
Tried with Invoke Method, Invoke Code but can add “Daily Report” but not today’s date.
Please help

Hi @Sudhir_P

Please try Move file activity

in source give the “yourfilepath/export.xlsx” file path, and in destination give the file name as

"Yourfilepath/Daily Report - " + now.Tostring(“dd/MM/yyyy”) + ".xlsx"


tried that.
Move File:
From “C:\Users\sudhir.k\Documents\UiPath\Generation_and_Circulation _of _IQC _Daily_MIS _Report\Inputdata\EXPORT.xlsx”
To: “C:\Users\sudhir.k\Documents\UiPath\Generation_and_Circulation _of _IQC _Daily_MIS _Report\Inputdata\Daily Report”“dd/MM/yyyy”)+".xlsx"

get error : Move File: Could not find a part of the path.


Try like this,

“C:\Users\sudhir.k\Documents\UiPath\Generation_and_Circulation _of _IQC _Daily_MIS _Report\Inputdata\Daily Report\”“dd/MM/yyyy”)+".xlsx"

You missed a slash after daily report.


still the same error,
I want output file name like “Daily Report today’s date”


I think excel do not support slash in the name. There may be some work around I guess.

Can we give like this as below

“C:\Users\sudhir.k\Documents\UiPath\Generation_and_Circulation _of _IQC _Daily_MIS _Report\Inputdata\Daily Report - ”“dd_MM_yyyy”)+".xlsx".

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