How to change date to 2 days past to run

Guys… working on process were Application Date as per excel report is for example( 8/30/2019)
Business Requirement…
I need past 2 days from Application Date Column to run the process ( 8/30/2019 - Past days)= 8/28/2019( This should loop till end row)
Now, we have to find all transaction that took place on 8/28/2019(row 1)
How to get this date …

Please help

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Hi ShreyaSharma,

Try this: YourDate.AddDays(-2)

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Date_Varible.addDays(-2) try this

@David_Gunnarsson Thanks for your quick response.

can you show an example…if possible!image

@ShreyaSharma If your looking for date change minus 2 days.You can use

row("columnName") = Convert.ToDateTime(row("columnName").ToString).AddDays(-2)

Inside for each loop you use assign activity with this condition. It will update every row with date 2 days less.


Sound Interesting-- Will this update the sheet application date column? or create a temp column kind of

@ShreyaSharma Statement which i given update in datatable, you have to write that datatable to excel again to see updated values in excel.

No I don’t want it to change value in Excel sheet…just while running the process it should follow the steps i require to search for trans.

@ShreyaSharma if you don’t want to change the values in excel don’t write, use the values from datatable itself.