How to change date format?

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I’m trying to change a date in the format of ‘06-03-2020’ (i.e. mm/dd/yyyy) to ‘03 June 2020’. How would I do this?

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dateString= ‘06-03-2020’

FormattedDateString=cdate(dateString).tostring(“dd MMM yyyy”)

i assume your date variable is a type of string


‘06-03-2020’ is a datetime variable.


Check as below
Convert Date & Time Format Tutorial

Hope this helps you


FormattedDateString=dateString.tostring(“dd MMM yyyy”)

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Hello Mya,
In this video I do a lot of stuff with DateTime:
For you should convert your string to DateTime and then display DateTime.ToLongDateString

20:05 DateTime to string in multiple ways
23:00 AddDays get DayofWeek
25:40 Convert from String to DateTime
26:20 Compare DateTime

Cristian Negulescu

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assign this to a new string variable:
DateTime.ParseExact("06-03-2020", "MM-dd-yyyy",Nothing).ToString("dd MMM yyyy")


  1. DateTime.ParseExact("06-03-2020", "MM-dd-yyyy",Nothing) means you convert 06-03-2020 to a dateTime variable, and tell it 06 means month, 03 means day, 2020 means year

  2. toString(“dd MMM yyyy”) means you convert the above date to dd MMM yyyy format


thanks this is the shortest and prettiest way to define date and conversion

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