How to change Database


I am new to UiPath. I want to know how I can change the Database on existing UiPath installation? Initially when I installed UiPath, I selected existing SQLExpress instance. But now I have separate instance dedicated for UiPath. How can I switch the database. I don’t care about the data as we are still in initial phase. Just want to switch configurations. Appreciate any help!


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Hi @harshilmehta

Again go to connect and where we do have database wizard change ur database instance and you can do it
Like that

Can you explain when you have configured the SQL express? While installing Studio or Orchestrator?

If it is orchestrator, you can edit in the Web config @harshilmehta

I believe it was when I installed studio.

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Where can I find this option “connect”? Sorry I am still learning UiPath.

I hope we don’t need to give the SQL database while installing studio. SQL server is required to install the Orchestrator @harshilmehta

I hope you would have made this change while installing studio
–usually while installing studio we will be getting two files one for studio and another one for robot,
–both doesn’t require database to be installed or initialized
–so you were almost done, and we dont need to care about data and its storage switch issue while installing studio
–moreover we would be in need of proper sql database only when we use enterprise orchestrator edition, and if we are using community orchestrator it wont ask for that provision where we can later configure it
and to use community orchestrator and accessing its database with queries
here you go an article from UiPath

hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @harshilmehta

This makes sense. Currently I am using community edition. i had enterprise version earlier but since I switched machine, the license is not working. I have raised ticket with support. I might need sql connection once my enterprise license is active again.

Hopefully switching from community to enterprise is easy…

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Yah of course
But we need to configure the bots and machines again in enterprise edition while switching from community to enterprise edition
That won’t be a big deal I guess

Hope this would help you
Do we have any queries to be discussed buddy
Cheers @harshilmehta

How about changing the database of enterprise edition orchestrator?. Where do we have the option to change the database later after installation? Thank you

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